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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website and I'm thrilled that you're interested in learning with me.

My violin lessons take a student-centred approach. Technique and musicianship will naturally differ in their fundamentals from person to person; my job is to curate a course of study specific to each student that helps them develop fully and authentically. Ease, versatility, and honesty are at the heart of my values as a violinist.


You can expect great exercise books and fantastic repertoire. More than that, I hope to help you explore and deepen your relationship with music as a gateway to a more connected, fulfilling, healthy life. My lessons are safe (and somewhat spiritual) spaces where there are genuinely no bad questions, failures, nor mistakes. They are respectful, welcoming waypoints on a lifelong journey of musical love and discovery.

It would be my honour to guide you, for a long time or just for a little bit, wherever you are in life. I hope to see you soon!

Violin and Music Sheet


UK: Cardiff- and London-based.

US: New Haven and New York-based.


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Lesson Rates

Lesson rates circa £100 per hour, subject to travel/logistics etc. Please contact for specifics.

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